Next-generation VRAM is now shipping, with the 3D-stackable, HBM memory from SK Hynix now shipping in 4Gb chips.

With the motivational level of industries is increasing, the performance of Graphics cards is also making forward leaps. The powerful Graphics card demand for higher bandwidth. Memory bandwidth and memory frequency are key factors which are affecting the bandwidth. Nvidia and AMD High-Graphics memory bit interface is 384bit, 512bit. But the NVIDIA’s card is equipped with higher memory frequency reached upto 7GHz, on the other side AMD is at 5-6GHz. Now SK Hynix has launched 8GHz GDDR5 HBM Memory, SK Hynix’s new chips increase the frequency up to 8GHz, in 4Gb chips, now we have to see that which company will be the first mover.

SK Hynix begins shipping its next-Gen 8GHz GDDR5 HBM memory

SK Hynix HBM

Before NVIDIA GTX 780Ti, the companyy’s cards stay at the 1502MHz memory frequency, whereas GTX 780 Ti has memory frequency of 1753MHz, which is 7GHz,  and in all Nvidia’s High-end card SK Hynic and Samsung memory particles are doing the job. On the other face of page from AMD side HD 7970 Graphics Card was equipped with memory frequency of 1375MHz and HD 7970GHZ addition to 1500MHz. When they launched R9 290X they just increase the bit-width to 512bit but the memory frequency was too low only 1250MHz. You will not believe but the highest memory frequency owning graphics card from AMD is R7 260X, reaching 1625MHz, but the bit width is 128bit.

7GHz with 384bit bit wide GDDR5 memory is good enough to provide 336GB/s of bandwidth, but it is not the high-end after the release of SK Hynix candy. SK Hynix in Q4 of this year will begin the shipping of their 8GHz frequency of GDDR5 memory, chip name H5GQ4H24AJR-R4C, 128Mb * 32bit, single capacity 4Gb, FBGA package. The voltage has slightly raised to 1.55V if we compare it with 7GHz of 1.5V.

There are lots of rumors that AMD would be the first move to handshake with SK Hynix HBM, and would be implement it in their Next-Generation Graphics card, now we have to see that whether they implement this candy in their R9 3xx Series of not.