SK Hynix announced today that it has successfully developed the world’s first DDR4 generation capacity of up to 128GB memory.

The memory uses Hynix advanced 8Gb (1GB) DDR4 memory chips, 2xnm process and the use of three-dimensional stack of TSV technology.

After First 64Gb DDR4 memory, Now SK Hynix announced  World’s first DDR4 Memory capacity of upto 128GB

Actually very standard specifications, frequency of 2133MHz, with a 64-bit I/O bit wide provides 17GB /s bandwidth, but also the voltage 1.2V.

Hynix had also done the first 64GB DDR4 memory, this is the same particles used 8Gb DDR4.

Naturally, they are facing server space can be used for Intel’s next-generation platform, Haswell-EP Xeon E5-2600 v2, but Hynix said in the first half of 2015 will be put into mass production, so slowly and so it.

Hynix also pointed out, DDR4 memory will be this year through client authentication, in 2015 began regularly commercialization, 2016 to become the mainstream industry standard servers.

sk hynix DDR4 128GB