Denuvo, a recent anti-tamper technology is used as a tool of protection from piracy by many publishers and game developers appears to be fading away as lately, many Denuvo protected games were bypassed successfully by the hackers.

Six Denuvo Protected Games Bypassed In Less Than 6 Hours


Although the Chinese group 3DM had shown signs of having deciphered protection technology anti-tamper Denuvo in Rise of the Tomb Raider, but now it seems like Bulgarian hackerVolsky‘ is ahead of them with a bypass (not a crack) of several Denuvo protected games including Rise of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3, DOOM, Inside, ABZU and now Total War Warhammer has been published online on several cloud and hosting services..

In the case of DOOM bypass, steam client will be deactivated as we are playing the demo version of the game, so if Bethesda decided to remove it from Steam then no one could play the full version.

Square Enix’s Just Cause 3 was reportedly the most difficult game to bypass. Famous game hacking group 3DM tried its best to crack the game, it couldn’t do so because of certain issues in the continuous encryption and decryption of the code of the protected program.

The group then decided to shut down its operation of hacking games for a year, but recently, a Bulgarian hacker claimed to bypass the Denuvo and furthermore, he also claimed that the group will be able to hack the anti-tamper technology fully by the end of this year. While since then, bypass for many protected games were uploaded online.

With bypass files being available for the protected games, developers are hoping for a response from the Austrian group of anti-tamper technology. Stay tuned for more updates!

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