Godson, Still you remember it? Today, the company officially announced the launch of Godson Godson 3B six-core desktop solution.

Godson launched a high-performance desktop solution based on six core processor

According to the official introduction, with six Godson 3B is a high-performance general-purpose processor core using 32nm manufacturing process, the working frequency is 1.2GHz.

The solution uses standard Mini-ITX mini motherboard, on-board AMD RS780E Southbridge, equipped with AMD Radeon HD 6770 graphics card, SSD solid state drive that provides a gigabit network interface, and PCI, PCI-E, SATA, USB, etc. Variety of peripheral interfaces.

Software, Godson 3B can be used with an optimized “successful unicorn” desktop operating system, Fedora operating system, you can pre-WPS office suite, the Chrome browser, Sogou Pinyin input method and other mainstream desktop software.

Godson 3B Desktop Soultion

Relative to the original quad-core Godson-3A, the parameters of the six core Godson 3B have improved significantly, greatly enhance the user experience.

The official said: “The launch of Godson 3B desktop solutions, desktop computers will further strengthen the national capacity Godson computer application advantages, to better meet the daily office and others desktop scenes, and as a desktop upgrade program Godson 3A, and the military and political office projects give users a better user experience. “