In return to support the players, EA has launched “On The House” campaign for Origin users complimentary classic game. These online activities were first implemented in March this year, and till now sent out some good titles like “Battlefield 3” and “Dead Space”, “Dragon Age: Origins”, “Zombies,” “Bejeweled 3” and other variety of games, but from today the game they are giving you is a once-popular in a business simulation games namely Sim City 2000.

Sim City 2000 Is 20 Years Old, Now free to Download


Sim City 2000 was landed on the DOS platform in 1994, then a number of versions have been launched for Windows, Mac, PlayStation, etc., and was selected as the best strategy games in 1995. In addition, in May 28, 2004, “SimCity 2000″ remake debut, the version of the game on the content of the element is consistent with the original, in fact, Windows XP / Vista version, now you want to run “SimCity 2000″ you do not need in exchange for the old system.

Currently “SimCity 2000” has been distributed free on Origin platform, and you take this game for forever. Like this playable type business simulation game players should not miss.

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