After several delays, Daedalic Entertainment today announced that the continuation of The Whispered World adventure (originally titled as Silence: The Whispered World 2) will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 14. Celebrating its announcement, the publisher alemnán brought new screenshots.

Silence will be released for PC and next-Gen Consoles – New Screenshots

Silence Game

Silence Game

“In Daedalic Entertainment, we are all big fans of adventure games. We grew up with games like Monkey Island, and we feel that the genre is still alive and active. However, we also believe that there is ample scope within the genre modernization without abandoning its roots so.

What first comes to mind is the visual style of Silence. In Daedalic, we have an amazing art department, which draws beautiful backgrounds and locations, among other things. We used to display in 2D games. To Silence, however, now we use 3D technology, using a method we call “projection camera”. While we place 3D objects and 3D characters in 3D environments, then we project 2D art above all. Marco calls ‘three-dimensional illustrations’ to create all these great funds.

This procedure allows us to maintain the high level of detail in our manual art, while being able to reap the benefits of 3D game design.

Enigmas design is for us the biggest part of the game will be significantly transformed over what we usually expect from the games in this genre.We have designed enigmas so that part of the experience of history. It is assumed that the puzzles never prevent Silence players advance in the story. They are designed so that they can be solved intuitively, while being also part of the current screen experience.

Therefore, players must explore their surroundings, listen to the dialogue, talk with other characters and watch what happens around them, as they usually do in adventure games or role. The solutions of the puzzles are always kept in a logical and understandable level and remain within the current area.

This also means you will not need any inventory. Players can focus on a puzzle and one element at a time. So, we remove the riddles for which you had to try a huge number of combinations of items to find the solution, for example.

Silence will offer two characters to play, Noah and Renie, as well as an important friend named Spot. Noah and Renie both come with different skills that players should consider to solve the puzzles.

Noah is a 16-year high. Therefore, it will be much stronger, for example, that her younger sister, Renie, just six years. Renie can not yet distinguish between left and right; however, it will be much more curious and therefore less fearful than his brother. This can be great in the game!

Spot accompany both characters. When players exchanged freely between Noah and Renie, Spot also run to the chosen character. You can take any shape and, therefore, can be used as a Swiss Army knife to become the missing piece to solve a puzzle. In addition, you can explore their environment alone, and most often manifest a very individual reaction, even depending on the current form with which it is exploring the world.Thus, even unveil some mysteries, and generate some nice moments.

Now why is this? Well, the game will take you to a fantasy world, Silence, or sometimes known as The Whispered World, which Noah and Renie must escape. While Noah has been in this world on a previous occasion, I did not know it still existed. You know only at first glance it is a beautiful place. What is not yet known, however, it is that Silence has become a more hostile place since the last time I visited. Noah’s task is to save Renie this place, and find out how and why Whispered World has managed to survive. “