Chris Benoit was a good wrestler of his time, and he is still living in heart of players. And many of them are willing to famous sayings quotes make their character like him in the latest wrestling title of from 2k side. But 2K Sports has allegedly banned players for crafting Chris Benoit as a wrestler in WWE 2k15.

Showing love for Chris Benoit will cause a Ban Hammer in WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15

This news is coming from foregin media Kotaku, according to them players who are playing WWE 2k15 should be aware of this ban hammer that uploading a digital version of their superstar Chris Benoit will cause ban for 2 weeks. This news comes as a shocker love quotes for me that why love quotes should they ban someone when a player is willing to play with his favorite character. Well, Marcus Stephenson replied to those claimed in that way:

“I only delete profane, nudity, and inappropriate creations,” said 2K’s Marcus Stephenson on Twitter.

Now in this statement the word which should be noted is “inappropriate“. As we previously mentioned that he was a Superstar and 2K should not deal with their fans in that way, however, the end of this Superstar was pretty horrible, where in depression he murdered his wife and son before killing himself.