Sierra and Rock Pocket Games have released new images and launch trailer of the charismatic platformer game featuring puzzles that will control two spatial guardians whose task will be to solve challenges by using a hose that connects their suits and oxygen passes from one to another. The leading air cargo becomes huge, heavy and slow. By passing air from one side to another, we must address the various puzzles that the game presents us of about 50 levels spread across five planets, having the opportunity to play alone or in local or online co-op.



“Shiftlings is the kind of game in which you know you want to work after testing,” said Bob Loya, Head of External Development Manager Sierra.”The creative way Pocket Rock has approached its platform game with puzzles, perfectly embodies the interest of Sierra indies find great talent within the community of developers, in order to give them access to the tools and platforms they need, to share their creations with the world. “

The most brainless galactic adventure! Controls two adorable and mindless alien janitors in their bizarre mission to repair the galaxy!

  • Strategic missions in Single Player mode and cooperative: Play alone or challenge a friend locally or across the galaxy (online).
  • 50 interplanetary dynamic puzzles: 5 themed planets, each with 10 levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Cosmic challenges of size and space: change the weight of a cosmonaut to another to avoid the pitfalls.
  • High replayability: back like a rocket to start for discovering hidden collectibles and unlock more secrets of the universe.

Shiftlings is now available on Steam for $15.


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