Flying Wild Hog announced that the sequel to the acclaimed reboot SHADOW WARRIOR be released on the PC via Steam and GOG on 13 October.

Shadow Warrior 2 will launch on Steam and GOG – New Trailer ‘Who Wants Some Wang’

The game is now available for pre-order and fans can guarantee a 10% discount and get an exclusive Razorback Katana-a chainsaw. Those who have already the Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset from Flying Wild Hog will also receive an additional discount of 10%, thanks for being a ninja from the beginning.

Powerful new armor, magic, humor and a variety of weapons designed with expertise that allow to fight with enemies in real time missions. Shadow Warrior 2 has substantially improved over its predecessor, without support for up to four players in cooperative mode. The gunplay and combat both has been greatly improved, you can experience that feeling of old-school FPS with greater emphasis and naturalness. Lo Wang is back with his eloquence, his magical abilities and katana has some really bright environments with a graphics engine that allows for those standards to fill in details and a model with much more dramatic lighting.