Shadow Warrior 2, popular first person shooter from indie studio Flying Wild Hog is currently available for free on as the 10th anniversary gift for gamers.

GOG is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the renowned digital store decided to gift something special to the PC players. Gamers were asked to choose between Firewatch, SUPERHOT and Shadow Warrior 2 on the website.

Shadow Warrior 2 was voted the best among the three and as promised, the Poland based digital platform decided to offer the game for free for the next 48 hours. The offer expires on October 6th. Apart from the free game, the digital store is also offering a variety of titles at huge discounts, ranging from 20% to 85% for a limited time.

The games with discounts includes the Witcher series, Mafia series and Fallout series, along with some other titles and the offer is said to expire after October 7th. The store is known for selling DRM free titles for the last ten years is continues to grow faster.

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