After eleven months under the Early Access program, Croteam today announced that Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope is now available on Steam with a 25% discount for a limited time to celebrate its release.

Since launching the game last year, Croteam has expanded Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope to five different planets, new weapons and even a skills upgrade that includes 36 powerups and 190 different weapon upgrades. The final epic update features a new playable Serious Sammy character and randomly generated missions. This new gameplay will be available in five levels alongside three new ones, and all divided into three different modes – Arena, Endless Wave and Daily Challenge.

  • Arena – This mode allows players to enjoy an infinite variety thanks to the waves of randomly generated enemies that guarantee that each game is completely different. Players are challenged with 8 sands containing 4 waves, each playable in 20 difficulty. Finishing a difficult sand assigns a weapon upgrade icon.
  • Endless Wave  In this mode, players will face an endless wave of enemies, trying to stay alive as long as possible and gain bragging rights over their peers through the overall ranking.
  • Daily Challenge  Endless wave on the sand map of the day, where every day has a new set of enemies, so that all players have exactly the same challenge and can compete against the rest of the world.
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