Croteam today announced bad news, the cancellation of the development of Serious Sam 4. Previously, they had decided to launch the Serious Sam in May, 2016. As indicated on the official blog itself, with much humor, the publishers themselves with fans asked about the reason behind the cancellation of best Serious Sam seen to date, and we have quoted their words below. Now they have decided to cut their losses and shelve Serious Sam 4 to go directly to Serious Sam 5 which promises to be the best game of the series, so if you are a fan of this crazy shooter, this is a good news for you.

Well, we were so much under the pressure from our publisher, fans, friends, dentists, lawyers, neighbours and people we occasionally meet in elevator to deliver best Serious Sam game EVER, that we simply realized we couldn’t fill shoes that big and if we want to make a really good game, we need to let it go, and start from a scratch. Too bad, because story that Jonas and Verena wrote was so awesome, it took Sam to two European famous countries where he’s never been before…)

Serious Sam 4 canceled, Croteam announced Serious Sam 5 


Serious Sam 5 will pick up where Serious Sam 4 passed away, except for one small detail, the use of a powerful and renewed graphics engineSerious Engine 5 which is now able to render billions of square feet of sand without dropping your frame rate. It is clear that the Serious Sam 5 will be native to the low – level Vulkan API and best of all, we have the first screenshots. Graphically, it is not that good if we compare it to today’s game, but favor get into much larger maps with many more enemies running towards us while blowing themselves.



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