"Alex Kidd" in the miracle would be adapted to PC and other gaming consoles

Sega Corporation, a Japanese video game developer and publisher used to have Alex Kidd as its mascot before Sonic took over. However, Sega has not released a new game with Alex Kidd since 1990, and finally, in 2020, an updated Alex Kidd game is coming out. Merge Game, an independent publisher, announced at IGN’s Summer of Gaming that they will release new Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. The game will be a remake of the first 1986 game in the Alex Kidd series for the Sega Master.

IGN announced that the game will be available for PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. This might mean that the fans could enjoy the game on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and Switch. The Alex Kidd game had six series before its production ended in 1990. Alex Kidd in Shinobi World was the last one. Breathing new life into the old characters is a trend these days, so even characters like Alex Kidd get a second chance. Another franchise by Sega that has not had any new versions for decades was Streets of Rage 4.

This new movement might help the preservation of some important names in gaming history. Another great news about Alex Kidd is that gamers have the option of playing it in the original as well as in new modes.

Why is “Alex Kidd” a perfect fit for iGaming platforms?

The fans would like to see Alex Kidd adapted for iGaming platforms. Why not? The iGaming industry is growing with mind-blowing speed and needs more content. The iGaming platforms offer not only traditional casino games such as poker, roulette & best casino slots online but also tournaments and competitions in video games. The iGaming platforms offer a variety of video game genres; first-person-shooter games, endless-runner games, survival games, and so on. Plenty of popular games have been adapted for the iGaming platforms. The competitions are held in casino venues as well as online. Movie and comic book characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have made an appearance in the games modified and used for the iGaming platforms.

Adapting Alex Kidd would bring more fans to the iGaming world. Fans of retro games would also be able to take part in the tournaments. Since many of the old games are also available in both original and new modes, similar to the new Alex Kidd game, the tournaments would be interesting for the gamers and gamblers who like modern worlds and advanced technologies. Alex Kidd is a great addition to the video gaming world and it would be amazing for iGaming as well.

Review of “Alex Kidd in Miracle World”

Alex Kidd in Miracle Words seems to be a very simple and straightforward side-scrolling game at first glance. Alex Kidd, your character, makes his way through the barriers of a colorful world to save the princess. Sounds familiar? But along the way, you might need more and more skills and tricks to overcome the barriers. For instance, Alex doubles in size, punch, and smashes the barriers and blocks and knocks down his enemies. He knows how to ride vehicles, even a motorcycle. Instead of jumping, swimming, or running through the world sometimes he rides through it.

Of course, even when he rides he has to overcome the barriers, this time by avoiding them. A really odd obstacle on Alex’s way is however a rock/paper/scissors match that occasionally has to win to overpower his enemies. When a boss character shows up and challenges you to play the rock/paper/scissors you have to win it to continue your way to the princess. If you lose, Alex dies right away and you have to start your journey at the beginning of the current stage. This match, that is based on sheer luck can be a bit frustrating especially for new gamers. There are some other minor issues and yet the game is so iconic that every gamer should experience it.


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