If we see the market share and other aspects in the HDD market, Seagate is still a king, but in SSD market they can only be considered a latecomer. Before the acquisition of LSI from Anwar master acceleration solutions and flash unit, their SSD development power surge. They also recently announced a strategic alliance with Micron, get technical support and delivery terms.

Seagate and Micron strategic alliances, United to expand the enterprise SSD market


The alliance is still the main direction of the enterprise-class SAS SSD, Seagate will get a stable Micron NAND flash supply in the future and also introduce other uses Micron’s NAND flash enterprise storage solutions.

Micron by Seagate Technology will enrich the product line, expand their storage solution portfolio, accelerating into the growing enterprise market process.

Prior to Seagate’s acquisition of LSI acceleration solutions sector and flash components sector, get a lot of PCI-E storage solutions product line and patents, in addition to SandForce controller, previously based on the latest product SF3700 master has also been unveiled, but at that time it was equipped with the Toshiba NAND flash memory.

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