While some manufacturers like Samsung are tucked in the fight to launch the SSD with more capacity possible, Seagate stands out against the competition and announces the world’s fastest SSD, it uses the NVMe protocol that allows it to reach speeds of stroke. At Open Compute Project Summit this week in San Jose the company will show off new PCIe SSDs to the world.

Seagate introduced World’s fastest PCIe SSD


According to the announcement of the company, its unit is yet unnamed, it is capable of achieving data transfer of 10 GB per second. The new unit will require a PCI-Express x16 slot, being thus 4 GB / s faster compared to faster SSD known to date. Seagate’s new drive is a single-controller solution then that’s a fair comparison and an impressive accomplishment, but there are already multi-drive products on the market offering RAID0 speeds well in excess of 6GB/s. HP’s Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro is a PCIe x16 card that provides connectivity and cooling for up to four M.2 PCIe SSDs. When ordered as part of a workstation it can be configured with four Samsung SM951 SSDs to provide an advertised 9GB/s sequential read speed, though when sold separately it only comes populated with two M.2 SSDs.

Along with this model, the company will also launch “low cost variants ” that will require a PCI-Express x8 slot and will be able to achieve a sequential speed of up to 6.7 GB / s. Obviously, both units will be available only for data centers and the business sector, so it is expected that the cost of both units is stratospheric. As expected, the company did not elaborate, we have neither the model name or information regarding the capabilities, but are likely to start at 3.2TB or 3.84TB for the highest-performing models.

Via: anandtech

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