Seagate is currently delivering another line of high-capacity limit, low-execution hard drives its calling “Seagate Archive HDD.” But what they need is speed, the  Seagate Archive HDD compensates for in expense: $260 gets you an astounding 8tb—a little more than 3 pennies every gig.

Seagate Archive HDD Costing $260 Available Early Next Year:

The drives utilize another innovation called shingled attractive recording (SMR) which gives you a chance to store more information on less platters, yet at the expense of performance. The procedure builds the drive’s areal thickness, letting Seagate Archive HDD stores 1.33 TB on a solitary platter, rather than around 1 TB utilizing customary perpendicular magnetic recording tech. This implies a Seagate Archive HDD 8 TB drive can be accomplished with just six platters, diminishing generation costs, vitality utilization, clamor, vibration—all the unwanted effects of a hard drive’s moving parts.

The issue with SMR is it lessens HDD execution extensively. Seagate’s drives (there’s likewise a 5 TB and 6 TB model) turn at 5,900 RPM with a 128 MB cache and normal read/write throughput of 150 MB every second. Anyway matched with a decent SSD, these drives look to be a pleasant choice for huge amounts of long haul stockpiling.

The Seagate Archive HDD s are at present being dispatched to retailers, and ought to be formally accessible early next year which is 2015.

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