Seagate today officially released their first large hard drive 6TB ” Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 “, with Western Digital’s HGST’s Ultrastar He6 neck to neck competition, the world’s largest capacity hard drive, but the traditional ordinary hard drive, unlike the latter uses a rechargeable Helium technology.

Seagate hard drive 6TB officially coming: speeds of up to 226MB/s claims to be the world’s fastest 

First, the drive uses a single platter 1TB technology, even so has reached a staggering six-disc, in the history of Seagate seems first (HGST 6TB seven Disc). A long time has passed, the mechanical hard drive storage density is still no breakthrough, new technology is imperative.


This positioning in the field of enterprise-class 3.5-inch disk size measurements 147.0 × 101.85 × 26.1 mm and weighs 780 grams, cache capacity 128MB, speed of 7200RPM, the interface has a SAS 12Gbps, SATA 6Gbps two kinds (the former is actually a dual interface), maximum sustained transmission speeds of up to 226MB / s, 216MB / s, claims to be the world’s fastest Nearline hard drives, 25% higher than the opponent. HGST up to 177MB /s, they also said the same.

Seagate provides 4KB, 512-byte sector format of two kinds, which also optional SED, SED-FIPS two encryption methods, so a total of eight different sub-models, the product number are ST6000NM0xx4 (see specific table).

Seagate said, Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 has begun to global cloud storage customers, retailers ship, but also for Seagate’s own storage products, but did not disclose the exact price.

5TB version should be followed up later.