The company Scythe expands its offer with a new version of the cooling solution, namely Kodati Rev. B, which is also compatible with AMD socket Kabini AM1.

Scythe Announces the Kodati Rev. B CPU Cooler for AMD Kabini

Scythe Kodati Rev. B CPU Cooler

Kodati Rev. B is one of the smaller Cooling solution available in the market, which consists of an aluminum heat sink and two heat pipes. Under the heatsink there is a mounted fan Slip Stream Slim 80mm – this model allows you to control the speed and at lower speeds should be inaudible.

The entire cooler is only 36mm in height, so you can install it in any mini-ITX cabinet. The small size also ensures compatibility with higher memory modules and expansion cards.

Compatibility list includes popular processors from AMD and Intel, assembly facilitates the EIS (Easy Installation with Screw). You should be aware that due to the limited efficiency of cooling can be used only for processors with a TDP ratio to 88 (and at maximum fan speed).

Specification of Scythe Kodati Rev. B CPU Cooler:

  • Heat sink: one horizontal
  • Heat Pipe: two nickel-plated copper
  • Fan:  Slip Stream Slim 80mm PWM
  • Fan speed: 300 – 3300 RPM
  • Fan performance: 10.2 – 42.2 m³ / h
  • Fan volume: 8.2 – 32.5 dBA
  • Dimensions: 82.5 x 95 x 34 mm
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Compatibility: AM1, AM2 (+), AM3 (+), FM1, FM2 (+), LGA 775, LGA 1150/55/56

Scythe Kodati Rev. B will go on sale with a price tag of less than 20 euros.