Rich Terrile, director of the Center for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA has the idea that we live in a simulated world, a world created by a “Programmer “that controls everything we do as if we were Sims game characters.

Grand Theft Auto V Characters in Real Life

Rich thinks he cannot prove that we are not computer models, because ” reality is the product of a complex architecture that appeared out of human consciousness “. Therefore, the scientist suggests the idea that our world would behave like the reality of driving adventure game ‘Grand Theft Auto

“You see exactly what you need to see in the city at this time, a metropolis reduced to the size of a console. The universe behaves the same way. In quantum mechanics, particles do not have specific state if they are not being watched at this time. Many theorists have spent much time trying to explain it. One of the possible explanations is that we live in a kind of simulation, seeing what we have to do at the right time for someone, ” he said.

Rich Terrile even believe we are about to model our own universe and being “programmers” of a ‘Matrix’. One achievement that could contribute to this is the ability to introduce artificial consciousness on the machines, which, according to him, will be a reality within 30 years.

If computers become powerful enough, they can create a simulation in which self-aware beings have no idea that they are part of a program, which was reflected in the film The Truman Show.

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