Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Colorado (USA) have developed a light-based microprocessor, a computer chip that can transmit information 100 times faster than traditional computer chips, report of the newspaper The Daily Monitor.

Chips of the Future: able to transmit data via light


While traditional microprocessor is based on a complex network of cables and other components in order to encode information in a stream of electrons, according to the creators of the project scientists, the new single-chip device uses light to transmit information, instead of electrons.

Basically, the new computer component is capable of unifying technologies proton and electron transmission under one banner. Also note that the device uses both electrons and photons and has approximately 70 million transistors and more than 850 photonic components.

Researchers hope that the new computer element will be able to make a new way for new IT achievements, transmitting information at much higher speeds than their predecessors. Also the new computers built with these components require less power to operate.

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