Thanks to a listing on Amazon, now we know that the anticipated title from Platinum Games  (creators of games like Bayonetta and Vanquish), Scalebound will come to PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One on April 28, 2017. Previously this title was initially exclusive to Xbox One, but during Microsoft announced if for Windows 10 too. The game will run at 1080p on Microsoft’s console while the PC version will 4k resolution.

Scalebound Will Come To PC and Xbox One on April 28, 2017

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The  Scalebound is an action-adventure third – person game distributed by Microsoft Studios  and designed by Hideki Kamiya, a popular video game designer who has been behind Bayonetta saga in the Resident Evil (1/2 / Zero) and Devil May Cry the Original. Scalebound transports us to a distant and hostile world where we meet face to face fighting with fearsome creatures where our bond with a dragon will be essential to achieve our goal. The game offers an open world filled with creatures and promises many hours of action with with giant dragons making use of both weapons and armor as special magical powers. Best of all is that the game will include a cooperative mode so your friends can also join you in the battlefield.