Company Sapphire introduced the AMD Radeon graphics card R9 290X Tri-X with a double dose of video memory – it is the second R9 290X from Sapphire camp with 8Gb of GDDR5 memory the first one was featuring Vapor-x cooling system (Sapphire Radeon R9 290x 8GB Vapor-X OC).

The card is pre-accelerated to the level of 1020 MHz for the GPU Hawaii XT (SP 2816) and 5500 MHz for the video memory (8 GB GDDR5 512-bit). Therefore, we can say that its performance will be slightly lower than the version Vapor-X.

Sapphire-Radeon-R9 290X-Tri-X-OC-8-GB

Accelerator was used to cool the system designed by Tri-X, which consists of two big Heatsinks featuring several copper heat pipes and three large fans. It is worth noting that the card belongs to the powerful construction – in practice, three Slot card.

For display output it includes two DVI-D output HDMI and one DisplayPort 1.2 1.4a. In order to power the card you have to connect two 8-pin power plugs.

Specifications of Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Tri-X OC 8Gb:

  • Core: Hawaii XT
  • Stream Processors: 2816
  • Core clock: 1020MHz
  • Video Memory: 8 GB GDDR5 512-bit
  • Memory clock speed: 5500 MHz
  • Power connectors: 2x 8-pin
  • Video Output: 2x DVI-D, HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.2
  • Cooling: Tri-X (3-Slot)

Price of the card has not yet been disclosed.

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