The previous rumor has come true and Sapphire has announced the arrival of their Radeon R9 290x Graphics card with  8 GB of GDDR5 memory. This step has been made in order to capture the market from Nvidia as their latest GTX 980 / GTX 970 selling in the market like hotcakes. Sapphire  R9 290x 8GB Vapor-X OC will open a new era of gaming for the players who are willing to run most of the games at 4K resolution. The card is equipped with GPU Hawaii XT, which is manufactured at 28nm process.

Sapphire Announces Radeon R9 290x 8GB Vapor-X OC Graphics Card

Sapphire Radeon R9 290x 8GB Vapor-X OC
Sapphire Radeon R9 290x 8GB Vapor-X OC

In terms of specifications the card has 2816 Shader Processing Units, TMUs 176 and 64 ROPs  at a frequency of 1030 MHz (up from 1000 MHz) which is accompanied by a more than generous 8096 MB of GDDR5 memory @ 5500 MHz  (up from 5000 MHz). And the memory interface of 512 bits  and resolutions specifically designed for 4K.

The characteristics of the Sapphire Radeon R9 Vapor-X 290x OC 8GB are completed by the advanced cooling system of Tri-X, consisting of a dense aluminum radiator traversed by five copper heat pipes  (10 mm + 1x 2x + 2x 8 mm 6 mm thick) cooled by a configuration of  three fans of 90 mm  ​​and there is also a dust protector on it.

Known as the Vapor-X R9 290X 8GB and similar to the 4GB Tri-X OC version in both appearance and speed, the newer model is expected to retail at £360, or £70 more than the regular Vapor-X model.

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