First Tales of Zestiria and now with this new version of Samurai Warriors 4, Tecmo Koei and Japanese developers increasingly betting PC market via digital distribution service from Valve. As with Tales of Zestiria, just need official confirmation of Koei Tecmo, along with details on this new edition titled Samurai Warriors 4-II of which there are still no details.

Samurai Warriors 4-II listed in the database of Steam


Samurai Warriors 4 has more than 55 playable characters, new devastating attacks and exciting new game modes that create a gaming experience like you have never been seen in the franchise.

  • 55 new and updated characters. Nobuyuki Sanada and Yoshitsugu Otani join the fray, with Takatora Everything Yagyu Munenori Naotora Ii and already available in previous releases in Japan SAMURAI WARRIORS with other reviews of the characters and restructuring movements battle favorites users, such as Sanada Yukimura cases and Nobunaga Oda, who join the varied cast of over 55 playable characters.
  • Spreading Enemy Rows. Battles are now more exciting than ever with their new maneuvers among which include the Hyper Attacks which enable fast movements in the battlefield combined with powerful attacks; Ira powerful attack that can be achieved when the meter is full Spiritual load; the final killer moves with Beats Mighty and the ability to mount and dismount horses naturally, in addition to current movements that have been improved compared to previous releases.
  • New Battle Modes. Improvements and new systems implemented game create an experience of more profound and satisfying combat, among them includes the new ability to exchange control of two characters in real-time adjustments moral development officer and the return of System portable objects which appeared in SAMURAI WARRIORS 3 are some of the features that will take advantage in combat players.
  • Displays the rich complexity of the Era of the Warring States in China. Story Mode portrays the stories of the battles as each faction, deepening the relationships between the characters and separated into two parts. For one regional histories, detailing the stories of officers from various regions such as Kyushu and Shikoku, and on the other hand, the history of unification detailing the events leading up to the Age of Warring States.
  • Leave your mark on history. In the new “Chronicle Mode” while completing various missions, know new officers and collect objects, players will discover the world of SAMURAI WARRIORS through its own with more ways to customize than before, among which includes the improved character creation system.
  • World Live. PlayStation 4 users will experience a more captivating saga with detailed landscapes and breathtaking skies with realistic lighting effects and shadows, plus some fields filled with more enemies on screen significantly battle.
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