The MWC 2015 telecommunications exhibition in Barcelona will be started from the 1st March. ​The protagonist of the exhibition is smartphone before and after the opening, a number of manufacturers will have to organize a new flagship phone conference, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc., which will bring the Samsung Galaxy S6, there are lots of expectation that it will feature will be a double-curved screen.

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S6 on 1st March at MWC2015

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 conference is very simple, from the above picture whole black bottom and right corner indicate the conference time is March 1 in the middle we can see “WHAT’S NEXT”, there are even a silver curved line, the latter is more to let people care about, because it is reminiscent of curved screen phone, it should be one variant of Galaxy S6, after the exposure of the news industry is saying that the chances of being named Galaxy S Edge are too high, similar to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Picture Courtesy @SAMMOBILE

According to rumor specifications, Samsung Galaxy S6 will use 2K resolution, 5.1 inches Super AMOLED screen, the earlier version will be based on Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, while there will be a small amount of the Qualcomm Xiaolong 810 version, equipped with 4GB of memory to run, 32GB of storage space, 16-Mega pixel camera, might Support OIS optical image stabilization technology.

As for the Galaxy S Edge, both sides have an extra curved screen, built-in Yahoo finance, news, newsletters, sports, S Health motion tracking, application shortcut icon, contacts, clock, etc., in addition to the main screen can also wake up by both sides of the screen, and there is an incoming call when the phone flips / SMS will be projected onto the desktop by luminescence.