AMD FreeSync technology is parallel to Nvidia G-Sync. For AMD to enter with this technology in the market, Samsung opens doors and announced that they will release the five display’s with AMD FreeSync technology during the month of March 2015. FreeSync technology allows you to control the dynamic refresh rate and synchronization with the graphics card from AMD Radeon or APU, making it possible to minimize the impact of the delays in displaying and reduce or even completely eliminate image artifacts while playing games and movies.

Samsung UD590 and UE850: First displays with AMD FreeSync technology coming in March 2015

Samsung plans to introduce video sync technology to its products starting from the models UD590 (diagonal 23.6 and 28 inches) and UE850 (diagonal of 23.6, 27 and 31.5 inches).

The FreeSync / Adaptive Sync protocol will be embedded with DisplayPort 1.2a. Monitor manufacturers have absolute freedom to add this feature port or not.

Currently AMD HD 7000, HD 8000, Radeon R9, R7 series graphics cards can support FreeSync standard for video playback, while Radeon R9 295X2,290X, 290, R7 260X 260 graphics card can also support the game in extra dynamic refresh rate.

APU products, Kaveri, Kabini, Temash, Beema and Mullins will support gaming, video playback and saving with the FreeSync features, they are also fully compatible with support.

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