Sony has launched the PlayStation cloud gaming service, meaning let’s all kinds of devices from the portfolio of Playstation can enjoy the fun of PlayStation games via the cloud, in addition to PS4, PS3, PS Vita. Now Bravia TV has also received the special abilities. Now they are going to let the “Sony big” light coverage to gain more interest of players, to make such a decision: Samsung TV’s will also entertain you to play Playstation 3 games via PNS Cloud.

Samsung TVs to play games of PlayStation via PNS Cloud in 2015

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Cloud PSN gaming in the first half of next year will be to form a built-APP stationed to Samsung Smart TV, users only need to purchase the services or rent, ordering the game, plus a DualShock4 controller and access to the Internet. This all you need to enjoy the PS3 games, game archives are saved to the PSN platform.

On early January next year’s CES 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, we have the opportunity to see the game running on PS3 via Samsung TV, but the service is temporarily covered only in North America, the future will continue to open more areas, maybe we will also see multi-brand smart TV’s.

Of course, there is also a huge PSN rival, NVIDIA currently has in the implementation phase of GRID cloud gaming service, providing a large number of classic PC games. Tegra processor-based devices also can use this service, the hardware cost will be relatively low. I do not know which one do you like?

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