Apple has favored its largest opponent Samsung to generate the mobile processors which will be accustomed to command the coming iPhone 6sreported to be discharged later on sometime this year.

A story by Maeil Business Newspaper revealed by Reuters cites secret sources in the semiconductor who state that the South Korean electronics maker is being called by Apple company as the major vendor for its A9 chipset, that is supposed to be utilized in the up coming iPhone along with the freshest iPad Air and iPad mini which are considered to be introduced later on the current year .

The regional newspaper states Samsung is going to be liable for 75 % of the manufacturing of the A9 chipset , whilstprevious statement by The Korea Times notes Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ( TSMC ) is going to look after the left over of 25 %. As per sources acquainted with the contract, Samsung’s joint venture with GlobalFoundries, the world’s largest foundry of semiconductors, was the main reason why Apple selected its smartphone contender over Taiwan-based TSMC, which produced the A8 chipset for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In a seminar call with financial partners last year, Samsung executives affirmed that the organization was manufacturing sample 14 nm chipsets for an important customer however refused to distinguish who the customer was . Samsung stated it had offers to bulk produce the chips in 2015 and 2016, beginning in its assembly facility in South Korea before extending the manufacture to its Austin, Texas plant. Maeil Business Newspaper claims Samsung strategy to provide the A9 chips in its Texas facility .

Additionally reports point out Apple is going to be leaning on more and more on Samsung not only for its chipsets but for other components too, which will be integrated in upcoming iPhone in addition to the hotly awaited Apple Watch . BusinessKorea affirms Apple company would like Samsung to swap its current vendors of RAM , NAND flash storage , and batteries for the iPhone 6 .

NAND flash chips are notably challenging matter for Apple company, which is getting blamed for utilizing low-cost, low-performance TLC ( triple-level cell ) flash memory chips, that are reported to be inducing crashes in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Toshiba, SK Hynix, and SanDisk are Apple’s present NAND flash suppliers. As per BusinessKorea, if Apple and Samsung reach a contract, the South Korean company will likely be providing both DRAM and NAND flash for the iPhone 6s.

Simply no remarks is actually made about how exactly the whole Apple-Samsung joint venture is worth. Reps from both firms refused to reply.

In case the report is valid, this may not be the very first time the patent rivals have worked together. Samsung was the primary manufacturer of Apple’s A7 chips which it used to fuel the iPhone 5s.

Source : Reuters

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