Samsung Electronics said on Thursday that its new Smart TV range propelled in 2015 will be controlled by the Tizen OS, denoting a new exertion by the organization to expand the utilization of the software platform. Samsung Tizen Smart TVs offer extra software and connection features, for example, video streaming and web browsing features. Samsung showed TV sets controlled by Tizen at dev conference a year ago.

“We are focusing our efforts on Tizen right now,” Kim Hyun-suk, Samsung’s president of visual display business, addressed to Reuters in an interview. “We hope that other TV makers will also use it and help build an ecosystem that will help the platform grow.”

Samsung Tizen Smart TVs

Samsung Tizen Smart TVs would be an addition to the Samsung Tizen items, which is comprises of a couple of smart-watches and cameras, regardless of years of advancement and backing by the world’s top creator of  smartphones and Televisions. The Samsung Tizen reflects the Samsung’s hefty effort on the software,  which has sought to free itself from Google’s Android OS, but all in vain because Samsung till now failed to launch a smartphone powered by Tizen OS, yes there is a phone named Tizen Z1 but it’s biased on Android.

A few experts are suspicious about the Tizen suitability notwithstanding Samsung’s as top smartphone producer, particularly as Android and Apple’s iOS holding a strong position in smartphone market. Samsung Tizen Smart TVs will expand the Tizen OS circle, but it’s not crystal clear that it will grab dev interest or not. Still, the Tizen OS is relied upon to assume a key part in Samsung’s smart home business. Tizen can likewise run on gadgets with low computing and processing power.

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