Samsung and Blackberry have sprinkled freezing water on a report that Samsung needs to make a $7.5 billion takeover offer for the Canadian giant Blackberry.

Samsung Tends To Buy Blackberry To Be More Stable:

Once ago Giant producer of phones Blackberry is now on the dim side, people seems to be not into that Blackberry’s traditional Qwerty keyboard. As per few analysts if Samsung tends to buy Blackberry, it will provide Samsung a stable support in smartphone business.
Regardless of its plunging offer of the overall cell phone business, Blackberry still has a solid vicinity in the business marketing that Samsung is attempting to break.

Techies say that business customers are progressively critical for the Korean giant’s future. Some competitors like Xiaomi is reducing Samsungs fat profit margin in the consumer mobile market.

Samsung has software called KNOX for security-cognizant business clients however the corporate world has not grasped this new item. By complexity, the product behind the security for Blackberry gadgets is decently respected and famous.

One disadvantage of KNOX for Samsung is that it is focused around Google’s Android OS, which Samsung is attempting to diminish its dependence on. Samsung had dispatched a new phone named Samsung Z1 that runs on Tizen OS which is designed by Samsung. Few upcoming smart TVs by Samsung will also be packed with Tizen OS.

Samsung needs full control over all parts of its items their equipment as well as their operating system too, in the same way as Apple do.

Let’s see what Samsung next move will be.