After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S10, there was much to talk about new smartphones but today new information has been released regarding an agreement between Samsung and Valve to bring Steam to their new flagship smartphones.

Without a doubt, the smartphone is the first gaming platform around the world in terms of popularity, a pocket console that entertains us during travel, in bed, or even in the bathroom (why deny it), but Samsung wants give an added value to the most demanding users, PC users, who can enjoy their Steam games from anywhere in the world through their smartphone, and this is possible thanks to streaming and a powerful Internet connection.

The official information about it indicates the following:

If you leave your PC on at home, you can actually stream from your PC to your phone. So you can actually play Steam games on your phone whilst your PC is on at home.

In this way Samsung wants to please both user profiles. The classic profile of mobile players offering a large screen, with high resolution, sharpness along with a powerful SoC and an advanced cooling system, and the gamers of all life‘, PC users with hundreds of games in their virtual bookstore that you can enjoy from any side of the world from your smartphone. It will be time to wait for one of the two companies to pronounce itself officially.

Via: Wccftech

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