It seems like Samsung has pulled their socks in order to feed them self from their in-house products means they are going with the backward diversification strategy, apart from entertaining them self they will also give their services to other giants. Before we move to our core topic, there are also some rumors that Samsung is manufacturing their in-house GPU to power the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Late last month, Samsung said that, its 14nm FinFET technology is in volume production and the good thing is that first products will be Samsung’s own Exynos chips. Now, Samsung Semiconductor, just throw the soft marketing news in the media and said that contract manufacturing of 14nm FinFET process has begun, the official did not announce that they are working for which giant, but in general we can say that interested parties would be Qualcomm or S1 chip from Apple.

Samsung Starts Producing 14nm Chip for an Unknown Client, AMD also indirectly benefited


President of Samsung’s semiconductor business, Kim Ki-Nam has announced that Samsung Electronics has started producing chips on 14nm FinFET process. Meaning that the process has begun to contract manufacturing for someone, the progress has been leading TSMC, which is the same level of 16nm generation FinFET process to wait until next year for Q3 quarter production, so if someone is in a hurry they can move their eyes to Samsung as well.

Samsung has not announced who is the first customer and also the chip, but the two most likely would be Apple or Qualcomm, and for Apple I am sure that its S1 chip, so there is a new generation of iPhone (iPhone 6s?), shortly before South Korean media also reported that Samsung will give its services in order to manufacture the S1 chip for Apple.

Of course, A9 is not absolutely impossible, had also reported that Apple in next year will be released, its first iPhone 6 successor, and in the second half they will release a new generation of iPhone.

In addition, Qualcomm also puts some orders steering TSMC Samsung will use Samsung’s 14nm FinFET technology foundry, but so far has not announced Qualcomm processor using 14nm technology, currently known as the most high-end use Xiaolong 810/808 based on TSMC’s 20nm process node.

If we Compared the Samsung’s 14nm FinFET technology with TSMC’s 20nm process node, 14nm Process FinFET will reduce the power consumption by 35% and 20% performance increment, the core area is also reduced by 15%.

Finally, one more point, Samsung’s 14nm process is licensed to Globalfoundries, and previously we know that there are rumors that AMD might give it’s order to GF. So this may also be possible that they also place some order for 16nm process node to entertain their some products and following this they will give the tough competition to competitors. The order would be based on following candies including CPU, APU, GPU and host chip. From this point, AMD also indirectly benefited from Samsung’s 14nm process.

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