Last summer, some users began to complain that their existing SSDs Samsung 840 EVO very slowly retrieves the data recorded for a long time.

Again Problems With Samsung SSD 840 EVO:

The problem could be solved by overwriting the file or drive de-fragmentation process by force, even though it has a negative impact on the NAND flash memory (particularly 840 EVO held by TLC).

In September, Samsung admitted that the problem exists, and a month later published a special gadget which is updated SSD 840 EVO microcode and completely rewriting the entire tank. It seemed, the problem is solved. To maintain reputation Samsung even held a couple of promotions (840 EVO customers were given free Far Cry 4 copies), but …

Users began to complain again, the problem recurs: some systems are falling again in reading speed, if the data recorded to drive is been there for a long time. This time, Samsung stated that another fix is in works, notified by the AnandTech .

Official report confirms that Samsung engineers erred in carrying out a number of calculations, and next update currently is under progress. Fix appearance is expected in March. It is expected that the story with the Samsung 840 EVO users may have a positive ending.


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