Samsung is going to mass produce the industry’s very first 128 GB embedded flash memory based upon the Universal Flash Storage ( UFS ) 2 .0 standard. The mem. is going to be targeted to utilize in next-generation flagship smart phones tending to deliver 2 .7 x the overall performance of today’s embedded Multi Media-Card ( eMMC ) flash mem.. Samsung is touting the brand new memory’s capability to deliver more robust ultra-high def. video streaming, better multitasking in addition with way decreased TDP.


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The UFS 2 .0 standards, introduced in 2013, provides a multi-lane, serial bus Vs the single-lane, parallel bus found in today’s eMMC flash memory. The UFS 2 .0 type features up to as high as 600 MBps ( megabytes per second ) of throughput, still since it can utilize just 2 serial lanes, it includes a maximum of 1 ,200 MBps, or 12 Gbps, Samsung said. That compares with the eMMC 5 .0 spec, bears a 400 MBps max performance over a single parallel bus. UFS 2 .0 surpasses actually the current SATA 3 .0 type found in the majority of 2 .5-in. solid-state drives ( SSDs ). SATA 3 .0 delivers up to 6Gbps.


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As per Samsung, UFS 2 .0 mem. presents 3 times the sequential read rates of eMMC and also double the random read through speeds.

“With our mass production of ultra-fast UFS memory of the industry’s highest capacity , we are making a significant contribution to enable a more advanced mobile experience for consumers ,” Jee-ho Baek , senior vice president of memory marketing at Samsung , said in a statement . “In the future , we will increase the proportion of high-capacity memory .”


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Samsung’s brand new UFS 2 .0 flash memory furthermore makes use of Command Queue, which are able to delay command execution and even reorder it depending on data precedence, thus improving operation of essential services.

Samsung’s UFS memory possesses as much as 190,000 I/O operations per second ( IOPS ) for random reads, that is around 2 .7 x speedier as compared with eMMC 5 .0 flash memory. Moreover it provides a sequential read and write overall performance is times better than that of a standard high-speed memory card, which operates at 1 ,500 IOPS.


The brand new memory can do about 14 ,000 IOPS, 28 x faster than a regular external memory card, “making it capable of supporting seamless Ultra HD video playback and smooth multitasking functions at the same time, enabling a much improved mobile experience,” Samsung claimed.


Samsung’s UFS embedded memory is available in 128 GB, 64 GB and also 32 GB variations, which are double the space of their eMMC line-up.


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