Samsung, during the European Forum in Monaco unveiled its new multi-functional MultiXpress 7 printer, designed for large enterprises. The unit will provide new opportunities for companies to work, helping to build “smart” offices and providing better connectivity in conjunction with the express printing time.

Samsung MultiXpress 7: The Fastest Printer for large Enterprises


The new device is equipped with a quad-core processor (+ DSDF), which increases productivity and reduces the time to first print. MultiXpress 7 starts in just 18 seconds. This model also offers excellent image quality when printing from a maximum speed of 1200 dpi. The first page monochrome document takes only 3 seconds and 4.5 for color documents. It is worth noting that the model MultiXpress 7 is designed for intensive use, up to 300,000 pages per month. The device supports a large toner, enabling users to print to 30,000 color pages or 45,000 black and white. The device also has an automatic stapler, paper (60 sheets of paper or 80-page booklet).

The device significantly reduces scan time on the market with the highest rate of up to 120 single-sided documents per minute and up to 240 double-sided documents. Office communication speeds up the built-in wireless network card that supports 802.11ac. This model is equipped with a Bluetooth module Low Energy, which provides a constant readiness to work. Just bring your mobile device to make a call and have it printed.

Another advantage of MultiXpress 7 is an advanced display with a diagonal of 10.1 inches, supported by Android with Samsung Smart UX 2.0. Users can reorder Smart UX Center and display accurate mapping documents and installed applications that you can download from the store software for Samsung printers. Companies can choose from a variety of “smart” applications to improve business processes, such as Workbook Composer and Smart Service.

The Smart UX Center offers a Cloud Workspace feature, which allows you view and edit documents on any device, making the working environment more versatile. The device also supports SCP Pro and more than 20 solutions ISVs that integrate with existing cloud and servers in the company. Business users will appreciate the tray locking mechanism – the only digital solution of this kind on the market that provides protection of printed documents. Only authorized employees located in the vicinity of the device can request to print confidential documents.

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