Samsung seems to be in a mood to give a tough challenge to Apple’s this year payment tech i.e: Apple Pay. After the launch of program users can pay through their phone, means they will pay through their smartphones and deduction amount will be done from their credit card.

For this purpose Samsung contacted a European company LoopPay. There is an ios app of LoopPay, you can get the app here. Experts claimed if the deal between Samsung and LoopPay is successful, then the results obtained will be better than Apple pay and more convenient, because it will let you to use your smartphone wallet everywhere unlike Apple Pay which is pretty much limited to big stores and restaurants like McDonalds etc.  By this new upcoming program you can expect your smartphone as your credit card. It seems after the confirmation of the deal Samsung will introduce new phones which will support Samsung LoopPay program.

You can further compare Apple Pay VS LoopPay here. But note that official Samsung LoopPay collaborated program is not yet launched.

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