The International Trade Commission (ITC) announced that the company NVIDIA had infringed three of patents owned by Samsung. Greens argue that patented by the Koreans solutions relate to the technology of the 1990s and is not used in modern chips. However, NVIDIA can have a huge problem if the full committee upholds the decision of Judge David Shaw, because it will result in the prohibition of the sale of GPUs in the United States.

Samsung leads first round in Graphics Patent Case against NVIDIA


“We are disappointed,” Hector Marinez, a spokesman for Nvidia, said in an e-mailed statement. “We look forward to seeking review by the full ITC which will decide this case several months from now.”

NVIDIA doesn’t have the best series in terms of court battles with Samsung. Recently, the court decided that Samsung and Qualcomm did not break the patents of NVIDIA and today the judge determined there had been a violation of three patents owned by Koreans.

The Samsung case against Nvidia is In the Matter of Certain Graphics Processing Chips, Systems on a Chip, 337-941, and the Nvidia case against Samsung is In the Matter of Certain Consumer Electronics and Display Devices with Graphics Processing, 337-932, both U.S. International Trade Commission (Washington).  Solutions can be considered basic, and one of the patents expires next year, so even in the case of confirmation of Nvidia’s fault, it will have no significance for the company.

Disappointment court decision does not lie, of course, representatives of the greens who wait until the case is decided by the full panel of judges. The ITC will issue a final decision in the next few months. It is difficult to predict the outcome, as the pointed out patents are very old. Nvidia’s lawyers said even that “ Samsung chosen three patents that have been sitting on the shelf for years collecting nothing but dust.” On the other hand, if indeed there was a breach, NVIDIA should bear the consequences. So, you may find that selling products in US will be blocked.

NVIDIA dropped as much as 27 cents to $32.66 in after-hours trading.

Via: Bloomberg
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