Samsung  is next to the LG who attaches great importance to the development and production of displays. For a long time we heard that the target will be put into the hands of customers’ smartphones and tablets that you can freely bend and fold. Work is in progress except in accordance with the plans, since it was decided to subsequent statements.

Korean manufacturer announced that it is highly likely that a flexible smartphone will be available in stores by the end of next year. Earlier, perhaps later this year they will be shown prototypes of this type of construction.

“We believe that smartphones made debut on the commercial market will be possible at the end of 2016 years.”

There’s no denying that the release of such models as the Galaxy Round or  Galaxy S6 Edge is only a foretaste of what we see in the future. At the same time there remains a lot of questions, especially those relating to the other components of flexible smartphones.

The next months will probably bring us more information. Many of us probably explain demonstrations of prototype construction. Ultimately, everything has to look like the presented once before advertising. Do you remember?


Source: digitaltrends, PhoneArena, youtube