Samsung is preparing to launch a new processor, which has significantly increased the possibility of manufacturing company’s own wearables. The unit is known as Bio-processor, and its production has just begun. From the information provided by the Koreans, it is apparent that the model will allow us to offer the use of Samsung’s gadgets with additional functions related to health and physical activity monitoring. These will include, options to measure body fat, lean muscle mass and stress etc.

Samsung has prepared a new processor, which will increase the possibility of wearables


Bio-processor enables the analysis of adipose tissue, muscle, heart rate, skin temperature, and stress (probably based on amount of sweat) of the person who use gadget. Currently, we do not know exactly about the upcoming models, but most likely it will be primarily intended for athletes, SmartWatch and Smartbandy. The manufacturer doesn’t disclose when the market will recognize the first Samsung’s gadgets. But we believe that the first product will be launched in the first half of 2016 years. It is possible that the new wearable gadgets will be announced at CES or MWC.

Interestingly, the Bio-processor is not only applicable for Samsung’s gadgets, but it will also sell to other manufacturers of consumer electronics. Currently, we do not know much about it that whether a company has decided to buy it, but it seems unlikely that the unit will not become interested in competing brands.

Source: theverge
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