Subject Samsung Galaxy S6 returns once again. The smartphone has a great specification to offer, but if we see the previous cases lots of consumers using Samsung Galaxy products have found that TouchWiz overlay is a little bit laggy and there are some other cons which need to be fixed. The latest news, which is coming from foreign media will put the smile on lots of players who are waiting for the debut of Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6: TouchWiz will be Amazingly fast, packed with Microsoft Products

Samsung Galaxy S6

The first information about the refresh TouchWiz appeared some time ago. Until now, it has been suggested only so that the end result is that resemble what we see on devices with line Google Nexus and the main way of doing this would be to get rid of excess pre-installed applications. Now there is much more detail.

A large part of the application known from smartphones of Samsung will move to Google Play. In their place,  you will see a couple of others and most interestingly you will see some products supplied by Microsoft – Office, One Drive Skype. It is quite possible, since both companies recently completed a patent dispute and both the close together. Microsoft some time ago showed that they opens its platform products for Google Android.

But this is not the end. Is reportedly being prepared a new version of the on-screen keyboard, which to some extent resemble to the iOS. Of course, looking forward to the changes is to “visuals”, appear to be more vivid colors, new skins and animations, but the foreground and so extends the issue of improving performance. After the changes TouchWiz to be “amazingly fast” with Android 5.0 Lollipop and also 64-bit version instructions.

The official premiere is scheduled for March 1, when it will be already organized the conference. We have to wait and hope that it will in fact be transformed TouchWiz.

Source: PhoneArena, theguardian

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