It seems that Samsung will have a big problem in order to surprise players during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The specifications of the smartphone have been said a lot, and now its appearance is on the wallpaper.

Spigen, a Korean manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices has already introduced its offer to the Galaxy S6 covers. Quickly, since the premiere of the smartphone is still on waiting, but similar situations have occurred more than once.


This case showing probably inside Galaxy S6.While we can not say that the smartphone is presented in all its glory.

If we compare is with predecessor the only changes we can observe from the look is the location of the heart rate monitor, as well as LEDs. Frames should be further metal, but if the smartphone actually will look like in the picture above, then it would be right to say not impressive design.

According to the latest information Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature the upcoming process node 14nm Octa core processor, which would perform almost 50% better on board. Still, we don’t know more about it, but it is also worth noting that Samsung is in a mass production phase of 14nm chips for Apple A9 chips, so we can expect some chips for their upcoming flagship (Exynos? Octa Core??).

Of course, this information is not 100% sure, so take it with a pinch of salt. It must be remembered that in the past Spigen in this manner revealed the appearance of a number of highly anticipated smartphones.

Source: PhoneArena, indiareflects

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