At MWC 2014 the most awaited Smartphone from Samsung has been relieved the Samsung Galaxy S5, but still players waiting on one thing is price. Yesterday the U.S operator T-Mobile’s marketing officer tweet on his twitter account that, Now the company has open the booking of Samsung Galaxy S5 for 2 days, and till now more than 10 million people have been registered. Such figure. It’s seems like T-Mobile has broken the new machine booking world record.

There was also a news from foreign media ZDnet that samsung is now discussing the pricing of Galaxy S5 with carriers, still the final price is not confirmed, but they want to attract the customers and also want to set price which is cheaper than New Sony release Z2.


Now, the Clove UK today released the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 16Gb pre-ordered price is set to £ 458.33 ($760) including all Taxes and also the pre-sale at Amazon Spain price on ridiculously high, reaching 730 euros ($1000).

Given two or more pre-sale prices are not even low. Starting, last year when the Galaxy S4 is priced at $ 650-700 (Of course, that’s not BNM).

21ee36a5d1584df59c21460556daca62Of course, the sale expected price does not represent the actual selling price, and so on April 11 samsung will announce it, We hope Samsung Galaxy S5 is not too expensive BNM.