Last year if we see the performance and great looks of watches all we know that the Smashing Galaxy Gear is also on the list, yes samsung own brand, the price of the watch was too high with the short span of life but it’s still affecting the market too badly. Now Samsung Galaxy S5 is on the way and there are several rumors that the New Better than first Generation the Galaxy Gear 2 will be given to the players.
According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will debut together in March or April this year with the Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will be redesigned, with the new flexible OLED screen.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

The new Galaxy Gear 2 would be thinner around %25 than the first generation, also with more battery life. Still the first generation has very poor sale in the market now, it’s all about the Gear 2 that’s how much it will set a mark on the mind of customers.

Not only Samsung but also Sony, Pebble, LG and Intel are also on the way to make their wearable watches and some of them has been already shown to us at this CES 2014. There is a hope that Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will stand out.

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