The major memory chips, module manufacturers have suddenly become active, have aired their DDR4 product progress, but as the industry leader in DRAM, the first mass production of DDR4 Samsung Electronics and how to keep silent? Korean giant today announced that it is accelerating production DDR4 memory.

ADATAMicron like Samsung also made ​​special mention of Intel will release in the second half of next-generation server platforms Haswell-EP Xeon E5-2600 v3, said its own DDR4 memory is ready for the platform.

Samsung is currently in volume production of DDR4 memory are single Die 4Gb (512MB) capacity, providing x4, x8, x16 chip packaging, such as different specifications, the maximum capacity of a single 32GB, frequency is the standard 2133MHz, specifications cover RDIMM, LPDIMM, ECC SODIMM and so on.

Additionally, Samsung will gradually turn to a single Die 8Gb, a single 64GB, 2400MHz frequency has been reached.