Surprisingly, Samsung announced its new lineup of Samsung 750 EVO SSDs, which will be available in capacities of 120 and 250 GB using a TLC NAND Flash manufactured on 16nm. This new lineup arrives to offer an even cheaper product when you compare it with the Samsung 850 EVO and all while maintaining the quality, aggressive pricing and being the real successor to the EVO 840 series consisting of 19nm TLC.

Samsung 750 EVO: New line of Economical SSDs

Sales of SSD grows - Samsung remains no. 1 supplier of SSD

Both units come in a format of 2.5 ” SATA III 6.0 Gbps interface promising sequential read and write speed of 540 MB / s and 520 MB / s. The 4kB random write latency is a little bit worse, writing random 4K reaches 97,000 / 88,000 IOPS. The 120GB version offers an estimated life of 35 TB writing and about the 70 TB for the 250 GB model. Feature AES-256 encryption, TCG Opal 2.0 and IEEE-1667 together with the support TRIM and use of the MGX controller it borrows from the lower capacity 850 EVOs is a dual-core version of Samsung’s usual triple-core architecture..

We should find for sale of Samsung 750 EVO SSD in the coming days at prices around f $54.99 for the 120 GB model and about $74.99 for 250 GB.

Samsung TLC SATA SSD Comparison
Drive 750 EVO 120GB 750 EVO 250GB 850 EVO 120GB 850 EVO 250GB
Controller MGX MGX
NAND Samsung 16nm TLC Samsung 32-layer 128Gbit TLC V-NAND
DRAM 256MB 256MB 256MB 512MB
Sequential Read 540MB/s 540MB/s 540MB/s 540MB/s
Sequential Write 520MB/s 520MB/s 520MB/s 520MB/s
4KB Random Read 94K IOPS 97K IOPS 94K IOPS 97K IOPS
4KB Random Write 88K IOPS 88K IOPS 88K IOPS 88K IOPS
4KB Random Read QD1 10K IOPS 10K IOPS 10K IOPS 10K IOPS
4KB Random Write QD1 35K IOPS 35K IOPS 40K IOPS 40K IOPS
DevSleep Power 6mW 2mW
Slumber Power 50mW 50mW
Active Power (Read/Write) 2.1W / 2.4W (Average) 2.4W / 2.8W (Average) Max 3.7W / 4.4W
Encryption AES-256, TCG Opal 2.0, IEEE-1667 (eDrive) AES-256, TCG Opal 2.0, IEEE-1667 (eDrive)
Endurance 35TB 70TB 75TB
Warranty Three years Five years

Source: Samsung

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