Amanita Design, the award-winning independent mind behind games like Machinarium and Botanicula, today announced that the third installment in the acclaimed point-and-click adventure ‘Samorost 3’ will be released for PC  and Mac on 24 March.

Samorost 3 Coming to PC and Mac on March 24 – Screenshots and Trailer

“Samorost 3 is undoubtedly our biggest and most ambitious project to date” the words of the creator of Samorost and founder of Amanita Design – Jakub Dvorský – “Our goal was to create something playful but intense mixing logic and challenging puzzles Machinarium gameplay with a more relaxed tone, as experienced in Botanicula. We believe that offers something fans of the series and newcomers will enjoy. “

The story of Samorost 3 begins with a small space where gnome finds a strange and magical flute that fall from the sky. The character has the power to travel the cosmos in search of its origins, touring the alien landscapes of five planets and four moons, solving mysteries in his cunning tour. Each of the biomes organically inspired by unique and colorful worlds full of surprises and achievements to keep players exploring.

Samorost 3 has a design art style and a surreal universe that delivers surprising graphics and fully detailed animations. Beyond installing an intensely atmospheric energy, game design is abstract, but with designs expressive sound, accompanied by an original soundtrack from Tomas “Floex” Dvorak, which often plays a crucial role in delivering subtle environmental cues for players to get together.

Samorost 3 will for PC and Mac will arrive in March 24 at a price of $19.99 through Steam, GOG, Humble Store, The Mac App Store, and its official website:

The Cosmic Edition of Samorost 3 will include – The complete game, a digital art book and soundtrack – will be available at a price of $24.99. The core game is expected to hit iOS, Android and Tablets throughout the year.





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