Shipments of solid-state drives raised in the first quarter in comparison to the fourth quarter of the year, as per analysts from TrendFocus. Samsung Electronics stayed the world’s greatest supplier of SSDs, followed by Micron Technology and SanDisk.

In the first quarter of 2015 revenue of solid-state drives for users PCs improved to by 3 .5 % quarter-over-quarter. Shipments of SSDs in drive form-factor reduced by 5 .1 % consequently, however shipments of solid-state drives in module form-factor raised by 22 .4 % QoQ because of increased in demand of cheap laptops.

By contrast, revenue of enterprise-class solid-state drives dropped by 14 .2 % consequently due to hyperscale clients attained a lot of SSDS with Serial ATA interface in Q4 2014, which resulted in inventory carryover into the first quarter of 2015.

“We are starting to see some seasonality trends for enterprise SSDs as we have seen with enterprise HDDs in certain segments over the past couple of years,” stated by Mark Geenen, CEO of TrendFocus. “Datacenter build-outs are following a certain pattern as it relates to their storage requirements, whether it is for HDDs or SSDs.”

As per the analysts, SSDs with Serial ATA SCSI ( SAS ) interface always demonstrate good growth, with numerous storage networking companies keeping with SAS SSDs for their storage deployments.

TrendFocus identified that shipments of SSDs with PCI Express interface are too powerful, however these kinds of drives still have to look for their place in the different market segments. Realizing that lots of things about PCIe SSDs remain not standardizes, such drives are generally utilized in different niche segments, that are even now fairly big.

Samsung remains to be the top supplier of SSDs due to the fact that the company provides a broad lineup of solid-state drives for several apps. The maker is furthermore the world’s biggest manufacturer of NAND flash memory, thus, it couldn’t be shocking that it may develop a different drives and uphold affordable prices.


SanDisk and Micron are likewise the leading producers of NAND flash memory, however they are significantly behind Samsung Electronics with regards to shipments of solid-state drives.

Generally, approximately 75 % of the world’s SSD market are managed by four companies, that is an obvious indicator that there is a consolidation incoming.




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