Apple Inc. is apparently prepping a web search platform of its very own to compete with search giants like Google and Yahoo.

However can a web search service started by Apple Inc. indeed undertake the high reputation of search Goliath Google, the obvious domineering company in in web search ?

Apple Planning To Ditch Google With It’s Own Search – Can It Be A Google Killer?

The web search sector has totally changed a whole lot in the last couple of years , with the mobile development adjusting exactly how search providers need to deal with their products and services. Knowing this, Google possesses a strong domination in web search industry, with Android undoubtedly employing Google by default , and also those on iOS doing the exact same until now.

Apple marketed millions of iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, selling an astonishing 10 million in just 7 days after the device was launched in October. In case Apple were to alter the default web search to its own in Safari on iOS or OS X, chances are good many of us would certainly use it right away without getting in mood to revert back to Google.

The alteration of the default web search engine in a web browser may have a huge influence on Google up until recently. Mozilla just altered the default search engine in Firefox from Google to Yahoo, moving Yahoo’s market share from 10 .4 % to 10 .9 %.

Can Apple debase Google with a brand new web search engine ? Not soon. Even though the web search engine were to do well on Apple products, smartphones operating on iOS just accounted for 11 .7 % of the worldwide smartphone industry in the 3rd quarter of 2014 and PCs operating on OS X only accounted for 7 .11 % of the worldwide computer OS market share. Apple’s access could be limited at the best, and also whilst it may obtain portion of clients from Google, it would definitely not end up being a “Google killer .”


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