After the huge success of Wolfenstein: The New Order, it seems like its new sequel is on the way, even if the news is not official. But the actress who portrayed BJ Blazkowicz’s mistress Anya Oliwa, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus. In an interview with Polish TV channel TVN, she spoke about the recent work:

“”I’m working on a video game, the first part of which I have already made. Now we’re making a second one, which will take two more years,” said Bachleda-Curuś.

“I played this game as a child. I was very happy when I got to the point where I could shoot Hitler.” 

Saying everything without saying, it seems that Machine Games and Bethesda have been put to work in continuing the reboot of the classic series. It was expected, as business results and reception of the public have been more than surprising.

The first part of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Rudi Jäger and The den of wolves, BJ Blazkowicz faces against a maniac warden. Blazkowicz infiltrates the castle Wolfenstein to try to steal the coordinates of the complex of the general Calavera. In the second part, The dark secrets of Helga Von Schabbs, finding the coordinates take our hero to the city of Wulfburg, where a Nazi obsessed archaeologist is digging up mysterious artifacts that threaten to release an ancient and dark power.

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