Sony had previously launched the PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim. Now there may be a PS4 Slim of it according to several reports. Samsung has announced last week that they are now in mass production phase of the 8Gb GDDR5 VRAM chips, build on the company’s 20nm process node. Through the draft also mentioned that this will be used in the gaming console.

Samsung had last week announced mass production 8Gb GDDR5 memory, the capacity density doubled, the biggest role is to save the position before, but we talk about the use of 8Gb in the NVIDIA Maxwell Gm204 based GTX 980 and GTX 970 Sony officials has said that the candy is also for the Gaming consoles. For now the only gaming console to use the GDDR5 memory is Sony PS4 which packs 8GB of the high-bandwidth DRAM for shared use between the graphics and for processing with AMD Jaguar APU. So Sony PS4 Slim is going to use it?

Samsung 8Gb GDDR5 chips to be used in Sony PS4 Slim

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We expect that our 8Gb GDDR5 will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the best graphics memory solution available for game consoles as well as general use notebook PCs.

The latest version of the Samsung GDDR5 chips based on 20nm technology, using 256Mb × 32 in size, with a total capacity of 8Gb (1GB), there are two versions of 1.35V and 1.5V, the frequency is 1250-2000MHz, mainly for large capacity memory needs.

These products are not only the 8GB version of the above-mentioned GTX 980, but they will also widely used in notebooks, But that was not enough for Samsung in addition they said that:

Combining only eight of the new 8Gb chips will achieve the same density as the 8 gigabytes (GB) needed in the latest game consoles,

Here they are talking about game consoles as previously mentioned the current gaming console to use GDDR5 is from the Sony camp, uses a 16 512MB capacity GDDR5 chips, composition 8GB CPU / GPU shared memory. Samsung has totally clear the path for offers.

So, are you interested in the re-designed version of Sony PS4?

Thanks: Bit-tech